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About Us

Scrap Metal Trading

We are a leading supplier of high-quality steel and other metals from different geographies through a network our offices.

Electronic waste

Our Company provides used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling, or disposal. E-waste includes discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, television sets, and refrigerators, etc.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment (our new line of business)

We are focuses on the tools, abrasives and material handling equipment needs of our customers. By representing a wide range of manufacturers, we can recommend the best product for the particular job, duty cycle, and environment.

Our Responsibility

We always aim to act responsibly in everything we do. Be it through the quality, safety of our products and believes that business should be conducted with the highest standards of business ethics, professionalism and with personal integrity.

Examples of policies relating to Health and Safety, Conflict Metals and Minerals, Business Standards and Ethics and Slavery and Human Trafficking can be accessed below.

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